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Helpful Links for the Cisco CCIE Lab Exam has a few reference links to get you started on preparing for the Cisco CCIE lab exam. In addition to rack rental time you will need to study the links below.

Visit Cisco's CCIE FAQs page - General info on the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE™)

Cisco CCIE Lab Exam scheduling and structure - Cisco CCIE Lab Exam scheduling and structure

Online Forum for the CCIE Lab exam - is the ultimate list for certifications

Parkhurst info on actual CCIE Lab - Reasons for failing the CCIE lab, type of terminal used in the actual Cisco CCIE lab, CCIE proctors, CCIE lab exam grading.

OSPF quick notes - Notes on aspects of interest relating to OSPF

Voice preparation - Voice commands and configuration for the ccie lab

ATM preparation - Resource for ATM configuration and interworking

Cisco Documentation DVD - Cisco Documentation DVD and configuration guides

Recommended reading list - Recommended books and publications

OSPF - OSPF Design Guide

DLSW+ - DLSW+ reference material and design guides

Catalyst 3550 - Software/Hardware Specs and Configuration Guides

QOS - Quality of Service configuration for routers

HSRP - Hot standby routing protocol technical tips

NAT - Network address translation basics

NAT - Network address translation technical tips

BGP - Configuring the border gateway protocol

EIGRP Overview - Enhanced IGRP overview, configuration, troubleshooting

DDR - Dial on Demand Routing (DDR)

IS-IS - Configuring IS-IS

ISDN - ISDN configuration - dialer watch, backup interface, authentication ...

Frame Relay - Frame Relay configuration, basics and troubleshooting

Other Links of Interest

Certification Zone - Study guides, scenarios, tools and quizzes to assist with the CCIE, CCNP and CCNA certifications.

Current number of CCIEs Worldwide - Total Number of Cisco CCIE's Worldwide

Cisco CCIE Lab Practice Kit - Satterlee hands on book for CCIE lab practice.

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