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This chart maps the Skylab labs to the CCIE4u rack. In certain cases we give you the option of doing token ring or ethernet (your preference). To access the router just type in the reverse telnet name we have setup for you. For example to get to Darth Reid router 2 you would type "skydtr2" for token ring or to instead use ethernet type "skydr2".

Skylab Router Reverse Telnet Name Reverse Telnet Line Number CCIE4u Diagram
r2 (use for TR)skydtr22003(r3)
r2 (Eth instead of TR)skydr22008(r8)
r3 (Eth versus FE)skydr32002(r2)
r4 (use for TR)skydtr42010(r10)
r4 (Eth instead of TR)skydr42011(r11)
Frame Switchskyfr2007(r7)

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