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  Rack 2 iPexpert Scenarios  

iPexpert R/S Ultimate Preparation Workbook v8/9 & v10 on CCIE4u Rack 2

This page maps the iPexpert ultimate preparation workbook v8/9 & v10 lab scenario to our online rack 2. To access a router just type in the reverse telnet name we have setup for you. For example to get to iPexpert router 1 you would type "ipr1" and router BB1 would be ipbb1. (If you are using version 7 use iprXv7 or ipbbXv7, so ipr1 would be ipr1v7 and ipbb1 would be ipbb1v7)

Be sure to use our CCIE4u base iPexpert configs by choosing your version below and downloading the configs from the download bar!. The base configs include configs for the frame switch, backbone routers, and so forth. Information on dual catalyst 3550 and 3560 port assignments are listed at the bottom of this page!

iPexpert Reverse Telnet Mappings
iPexpert Router Reverse Telnet
Reverse Telnet
Line Number
cat3550 #1cat35502013
cat3550 #2cat3550-22014
cat3560 #3cat3560-32015
cat3560 #4cat3560-42016

Catalyst 3550 Ports
Port Number Router (Port)
1ipr1 Fa0/0
2ipr2 Fa0/0
4ipr4 Fa0/0
5ipr5 Fa0/0
6ipr2 Fa0/1
11ipbb1 Fa0/0
19cat3560-4 p19
20cat3560-4 p20
21cat3560-3 p21
22cat3560-3 p22
23cat3550-2 p23
24cat3550-2 p24
Gig0/1cat3550-2 Gig0/1
Gig0/2cat3560-3 Gig0/2 (Disconnected)

Catalyst 3550-2 Ports
Port Number Router (Port)
1ipr1 Fa0/1
6ipr6 Fa0/0
7ipr7 Fa0/0
8ipr8 Fa0/0
9ipr9 Fa0/0
12ipbb2 Fa0/0
13ipbb3 Eth0
19cat3560-3 p19
20cat3560-3 p20
21cat3560-4 p21
22cat3560-4 p22
23cat3550-1 p23
24cat3550-1 p24
Gig0/1cat3550-1 Gig0/1

Catalyst 3560-3 Ports
Port Number Router (Port)
2ipr2 Fa0/1
4ipr4 Fa0/1
5ipr5 Fa0/1
19cat3550-2 p19
20cat3550-2 p20
21cat3550-1 p21
22cat3550-1 p22
23cat3560-4 p23
24cat3560-4 p24
Gig0/2cat3550-2 Gig0/2 (Currently Disconnected)

Catalyst 3560-4 Ports
Port Number Router (Port)
6ipr6 Fa0/1
7ipr7 Fa0/1
8ipr8 Fa0/1
9ipr9 Fa0/1
19cat3550-1 p19
20cat3550-1 p20
21cat3550-2 p21
22cat3550-2 p22
23cat3560-3 p23
24cat3560-3 p24

Free lab scenarios - a copy of iPexpert workbook Lab 40 plus BGP and Catalyst 3550 scenarios.

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