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  Rack 1 Internetwork Expert v2 Scenarios  

Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching Workbook V2

This page maps the Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching Workbook Vol 1 & II Version 2 of CCIE Lab Scenarios to our CCIE online rack1. (If you are looking for version 3 support click here). To access a router for your ccie scenario just type in the reverse telnet name we have setup for you as outlined below. For example to get to Router 1 you would type "IER1". Note: To accommodate version 2 you will need to use different names for R6 and BB3. For R6 use IER6v2 and for BB3 use IEBB3v2.

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We have complete baseline configs for all 20 ccie labs for vol I and all 10 ccie labs for vol II. Includes configs for the Frame Switch, Backbone Routers, Dual Catalyst 3550's and all other routers . For ccie lab baseline Internetwork Expert configs Click Here! . Information on ATM settings can be found at the bottom of this page after the following cisco lab diagram. Also note ISDN is no longer supported but we provide a P2P serial connection between IER4 and IER5 so you can simulate that connection.

  • Internetwork Expert v2 Layout
Internetwork Expert v2 Base Configs  |  ATM Information

ATM Information
Router Information
IEBB1 (PVC'S)VPI/VCI 0/51, 0/201, 0/301, 1/100 & 0/100 (to 0/101 on IER6)
IEBB1 ATM0(SVC NSAP) 47.0091.8100.0000.00e0.1e35.fb01.4000.0c80.8010.00
IER6 (PVC'S)VPI/VCI 0/51, 0/201, 0/301, 1/100 & 0/101 (to 0/100 on IEBB1)
IER6 ATM0(SVC NSAP) 47.0091.8100.0000.00e0.1e35.fb01.4000.0c80.8020.00

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