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  Rack 1 Physical and Logical Layout  

Rack 1 Generic Physical & Logical Connectivity

Note: All core routers are running the latest 12.4T Adventerprise IOS
(ATM and terminal server information is located near the bottom of this page)

  • Rack 1 Generic Layout
Full Mesh Frame Relay ConfigRouter ConnectionsReverse Telnet MappingsAtm Information

Router Connections
R1 2611XM 2Fe2ss0/0-> R7 s0 s0/1-> R3 s1/2 Fa0/0-> cat3560 p1
R2 2621XM 2Fe2ss0/0-> R7 s1 s0/1-> R3 s1/3 Fa0/0-> cat3560-2 p2 Fa0/1-> cat3550-2 p2
R3 2621XM 2Fe2ss1/1-> R7 s3 s1/0-> R7 s2 s1/2 -> R1 s0/1 s1/3 -> R2 s0/1 Fa0/0-> cat3560 p3 Fa0/1-> cat3550 p3
R4 2801 2Fe2s2phs0/1/0-> R7 s4 s0/1/1-> R5 s0/1/1 Fa0/0-> cat3560-2 p4 Fa0/1-> cat3550-2 p4 2FXS phone ports
R5 2801 2Fe2ss0/1/0-> R7 s5 s0/1/1-> R4 s0/1/1 Fa0/0-> cat3560 p5 Fa0/1-> cat3550 P5
R6 2801 2Fe2ss0/1/0-> R7 s6 s0/1/1-> x Fa0/0-> cat3550-2 p6 Fa0/1-> cat3550-2 p6
R7 12serials0->R1s0/0 s1->R2s0/0 s2->R3s1/0 s3->R3s1/1 s4->R4s0/1/0 s5->R5s0/1/0 s6->R6s0/1/0 s7->R10s0/0/0 s8->R10s0/0/1 s9->r9s0/0 s10->r11s0/1/0 s11-> r11s0/1/1
R8 2611XM 2Fe2ss0->x s1->x Fa0/0->cat3560-2 p24 Fa0/1->x
R9 2611XM 2Fe2ss0/0-> R7 s9 s0/1-> x Fa0/0-> cat3550 pi24 Fa0/1-> cat3560 p4
R10 2811 2Fe2ss0/0/0-> R7 s7 s0/0/1-> R7 s8 Fa0/0-> cat3560 p2 Fa0/1-> cat3550 p2
R11 2801 2Fe2ss0/1/0->R7 s10 s0/1/1->R7 s11 Fa0/0->cat3560 p6 Fa0/1->cat3550 p6
R12 4e4s1atms0-> x s1-> x s2-> x s3-> x e0-> cat3550-2 px e1-> cat3550-2 px e2-> cat3550 px e3->cat3550 px atm0->LS1010 p1/0/2
R13 2e2s1atms0-> x s1-> x e0-> cat3550-2 px e1-> cat3550-2 px atm0->LS1010 p1/0/1
ATM Lightstream 10103 Multimode and 1 Singlemode ATM OC3 - 155MB/s interfaces
PIX 515E2Fe interfaces, version 8.0.3 Cisco PIX code, Fa0-> cat3550-2 p22 Fa1-> cat3550-2 p23
ASA 5505 E0 -> Cat3560 p9 E1 -> Cat3560-2 p9 E2 -> Cat3550 p9
VPN 3005 ConcentratorPublic Interface -> Cat3560-2 p12 Private Interface -> Cat3560-2 p11
VNC, CA, TFTP, AAA, WebCat3560-2 p10

Terminal Server Information
Line Router
Line 33R1
Line 34R2
Line 35R3
Line 36R4
Line 37R5
Line 38R6
Line 39R7
Line 40R8
Line 41R9
Line 42R10
Line 43R11
Line 44R12
Line 50R13
Line 45cat3560
Line 46cat3560-2
Line 47cat3550
Line 48cat3550-2
Line 65Power
Line 51VPN 3005
Server s0PIX 515E
Server s1ASA 5505

ATM Information
Router Information
R12 (PVC)VPI/VCI 0/32, 0/33 & 0/100
R12 ATM0SVC NSAP 47.0091.8100.0000.00e0.1e35.fb01.4000.0c80.8010.00
R13 (PVC)VPI/VCI 0/32, 0/34 & 0/101
R13 ATM0SVC NSAP 47.0091.8100.0000.00e0.1e35.fb01.4000.0c80.8020.00

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