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  CCIE4u Rack Rental  
Rack Rental is as simple as 1,2,3...


Check the schedule for the rack you require and find the available timeslots.


Once you've determined your timeslots, send payment via PayPal, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Personal Check or Wire Transfer.


Email us the timeslots you would like to reserve, and start studying.

Step 1: Check the Schedule

First you need to determine which rack is right for your studies. Click Here for information on the equipment available in each rack and pricing. Once you've picked a rack, next you will need to check the schedule to find unreserved timeslots that fit your study schedule. Choose the appropriate rack below to view its schedule:

(Please note all times on the schedule are Eastern Daylight Time which is -4 GMT, please adjust accordingly to your timezone.)

Step 2: Send Payment

After you have decided on the number of timeslots you need use the form below to calculate your total. We accept PayPal, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks, Western Union and Wire Transfers. To pay via PayPal, use the "Add to Cart" button - but only after calculating your total. For any other method please contact us at Be sure to take advantage of our bulk price discounts of up to 20% for 30 or more timeslots. Note there are discounts for as few as 5 timeslots. Enter different amounts in the calculations below to see the different discounts (discounts at 5,11,20,30 timeslots).

Number of Timeslots* Rack
International Paypal User (Add 3%)

*There are discounts up to 20% for buying multiple sessions. Timeslots are purchased in 4 hour blocks... check the schedules above in step 1 for available timeslots. Note: there are no refunds but if there is a problem that we contributed to or caused we will reschedule you. After sending payment please email us the date(s) and time(s) for the Cisco rack rental time you want to reserve. If you wish to reserve more than a couple of cisco lab rental time you can email us for additional discounts. Timeslots can be rescheduled once you have paid for and reserved them (as long as you provide at least 48 hours advance notice). International paypal users will incur a 3% fee to help cover the international paypal fees.

Step 3: Schedule your Lab

Once you've paid all that remains is scheduling your lab. Send us an email at and let us know which timeslots you would like to reserve.

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