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  CCIE Rack #1  
Rack 1 Quick Stats:
12 Routers 4 Switches
12 Port Frame Relay Switch
IOS 12.4T AdvEntk9
Dual Catalyst 3550-24 EMI
Dual Catalyst 3560's
ATM Switch, ASA & PIX Firewall
VPN Concentrator, AAA, CA

Rack #1 for CCIE R/S or Security Tracks

Fully prewired, tested and ready to go Cisco CCIE rack rental lab. Our online rack has all the equipment needed to do labs such as IPexpert, ccbootcamp, NMC DOiT, Internetwork Expert, solie, fatkid, bradshaw, all-in-one ccie lab and even home grown labs. We have everything you need to prepare for the 1 day CCIE practical exam. Our rack rental rates are very competitive and our time slots are ultra flexible to meet your needs. (Try Rack #2 if doing IPexpert or Netmasterclass). (CCIE Security diagrams are found here).

Our equipment includes fourteen (14) routers/switches with IOS 12.4T, a twelve port frame relay switch, dozens of DTE and DCE high speed serial connections, Dual 3560 switches, Dual Cisco Catalyst 3550 EMI switches, ATM switch and ports, ASA & PIX firewall, VPN 3005 Concentrator, four VOIP voice modules (fxs and fxo), plenty of 100 MB Ethernet ports and a terminal server with high speed internet for fast access. In addition we have UPS systems and a power generator for power backup, and power reboot devices to allow you to remotely reboot any hung router or switch.

Our virtual lab provides you the ability to perform most lab scenarios out there without any recabling needed.

Note that due to our large number of physical connections, frame relay logical and physical connections, VLAN configuration options on the switches in conjunction with all the routers - we can support hundreds of different scenarios so rewiring is not needed for most virtual lab scenarios and CCIE lab rack rental configurations out there.

Power On/Off instructions

Schedule and Pricing for Rack 1

Click Here for Rack 1 Schedule Click Here to Purchase Time on Rack 1

Quantity Description Price per Timeslot
1 4 Hour Timeslot $8
5-10 4 Hour Timeslots (10% Discount) $7.20
11-19 4 Hour Timeslots (12% Discount) $7.04
20-29 4 Hour Timeslots (15% Discount) $6.80
30+ 4 Hour Timeslots (20% Discount) $6.40

Diagrams/Configs for Rack 1

Rack 1 Supports iPexpert Workbook Version 8, 9 & 10
Diagrams & Configs for iPexpert v8, 9 & 10
Rack 1 Supports Cisco 360 Learning Program
Diagrams & Configs for Cisco 360 Learning Program

Rack 1 Supports Internetwork Expert version 3, 4 & 5
Diagrams & Configs for Internetwork Expert v3, 4 & 5

Generic Diagram/Config Rack 1 does not have to be used with a specific workbook. We have a generic Diagram for Rack 1 including a full mesh frame relay config, ATM information, and Router Connections.
Generic Diagrams & Configs for Rack 1

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