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To assist you with your rack rental experience on rack #3 we have added a device to allow you to reboot all the routers and switches. The routers and switches are connected to a power distribution unit which allows you to power cycle a device if it is hung as well as power them all off or on.  Be sure to save your work frequently as routers may hang - just as in the real CCIE lab exam. To access the reboot device from the ccie4u_term3 terminal server follow the set of instructions below:

From the terminal server type "power" to access the power distribution unit. Type in the power unit username and password you were supplied (different from your terminal server login username and password).  Initially all routers connected to the unit may be off.  You can use these procedures to turn the routers on.  Once you have finished your scheduled rack rental time please turn all the routers back off using these same procedures after you have cleared the configs (write erase) - use off 0 versus on 0 for turning all the outlets off. Alternatively you can perform a write erase and reload (no need to power off) if someone immediately follows you on the schedule. Also be sure to delete the vlan.dat file off the switches and write erase them.

Translating "power"
Trying power (, 2016)... Open

Circuit Breaker: On

1)...Outlet 1 : Off
2)...Outlet 2 : Off
3)...Outlet 3 : Off
4)...Outlet 4 : Off



To turn everything on type: "on 0" and press enter
Typey and press enter again

DS-RPC> on 0

Turn ON all outlets? (Y/N)>y

Circuit Breaker: On

1)...Outlet 1 : On
2)...Outlet 2 : On
3)...Outlet 3 : On
4)...Outlet 4 : On


Now type "Ctrl Shift 6" then "x" to get back to the terminal server.
Once on the term inal server type disconnect to close the connection with the power unit.

ccie4u_term3> type "disconnect"
Closing connection to power [confirm] press enter



NOTE: If you get no response when pressing enter or you receive an input error, type semicolon ";" five times then press enter and the number 10 then enter again.

Once you have finished your scheduled rack rental time please perform a write erase then turn all the devices back off using these previous procedures - use off 0 (versus on 0). Alternatively if someone immediately follows you on the schedule, then after the "write erase" issue a "reload" and leave the equipment powered on.

Be sure to wait about 2 minutes after you have powered up or rebooted a router before trying to telnet to it so that it has a chance to load the operating system and initialize the interfaces.

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