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Pursuing your Cisco Certification. Then our site is for you. We are constantly updating our CCIE lab exam content and rack rental layout based on input from visitors like you. Please be sure to send us your comments or feedback. We are here for your every Cisco lab need to include rack rentals and lab scenarios. We have been in business since 2002 supporting remote pod rentals and providing discounted workbooks and lab scenarios.

  • January 2014 recabled the racks again to support the latest IEWB and IPexpert lab scenarios.
  • November 2013 Installed new routers and removed older routers to support the latest features
  • January 2012 rebuilt and recabled the racks to support the latest IEWB and IPexpert lab scenarios.
  • March 2010 Reworked rack 1 completely including new routers supporting MPLS, IPv6, etc.
  • January 2010 Installed routers in rack 1 for MPLS and IPv6 support for IEWB-RS v5.
  • December 2009 Added an ASA 5505 and PIX 515E for Security labs.
  • September 2009 lowered the rack rental rates again and upgraded IOS and switch code.
  • August 2008 lowered the rack rental rates and added bulk discounts for larger purchases - making it less expensive for you to study for your exam.
  • April 2007 completely revamped the website to make it easier for you to navigate. Also added options for purchasing packages.
  • October 2006 we purchased and added Catalyst 3560's to rack 1, rack 2 and rack 3.
  • December 2005 - replaced frame switch and all serial cables on rack 1 for the frame switch to support DCE. Also upgraded the IOS on all the routers and switches. The routers are updated to run 12.3 and 12.4 IOS and the switches run 12.2(25)SED
  • August 2005 installed a 3725 router loaded with 256MB Ram, 64MB Flash and IOS 12.3T
  • November 2004 replaced and upgraded most of the routers in Rack #2. Removed the 2500 and low end 2600 routers and replaced with routers that support 12.2Tand IPSEC, Firewall and IDS functions. Also added in routers with multiple Fast Ethernet interfaces per router.
  • June 2004 upgraded the PIX to 6.3.3 and added a VPN 3005 Concentrator, remote web access for GUI configuration, AAA server, CA Certificate Server and Cisco Secure ACS server
  • January 2004 we just finished adding rack #2 as a low cost alternative for remote rack rentals.
  • October 2003 was a major upgrade for us. We replaced routers 1 - 6 with brand new fully loaded Cisco 2610XM and Cisco 2611XM routers. We then upgraded them to 128MB Ram and 48MB Flash to support the latest and greatest IOS versions such as 12.2(15)T7 Enterprise Plus IPSEC/FW/IDS.
  • In August 2003 we replaced the 2924xl with a Dual Cisco Catalyst 3550 with EMI software. This allows better matching up with lab scenarios on the market as well as matches the Cisco Lab Exam which contains dual catalyst switches.
  • February 2003 we purchased ATM ports and an ATM switch. It was a big money drain but there was enough interest that we decided to add it to our rack rental lab.
  • January 2003 we added a device to allow you to reboot most of the routers in the event they hang during your rack rental timeslot. This provides you with the ability to fix device hangs without having to spend time contacting us and waiting for us to power cycle the router. Yet another way we are striving to improve your rack rental experience.
  • As of December 2002 we are an authorized IPexpert.NET reseller. Check out the various lab scenarios and workbooks available. Free lab time included with each purchase.
  • Near the end of October 2002 we added a catalyst 3550 switch with EMI software to accommodate the new CCIE lab requirements.
  • Early September 2002 we added a new page for checking on availability of ccie lab dates and times via web browser. Check out the Services page for available time slots for rack rental dates and times.
  • August 2002 we added a new page to allow you to pay instantly using paypal when scheduling rack rental time for the ccie lab exam.

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