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CCIE Resources & CCIE Lab Materials

CCIE4u is an authorized iPexpert reseller to provide you with lab scenarios to assist with your rack rental needs.

iPexpert's Gold Membership

IPexpert’s Gold membership has been designed for serious senior-level engineers that are up to the challenge of becoming a Cisco® Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE™) R/S, Security or C/S. This package will provide you with ALL of the resources and tools you need to achieve the industries highest level of technical certification. You will be given access to over 80 virtual lab e-Scenarios for the CCIE™ Routing & Switching (R&S), the CCIE™ Communications & Services (C&S) and the CCIE™ Security Lab Exam (with additional e-Scenarios added at no additional charge!). Each virtual lab e-Scenario has been developed around a standard topology providing you with an in-depth look into various technical topics. Our developers, all whom are CCIE™ and / or CCSI™ certified, have purposely written these e-Scenarios to be utilized as a self-paced teaching tool. These e-Scenarios are not easy! Each lab will take an average completion time of 1 to 4 hours and provide an unlimited amount of technical challenges that will assist you in mastering all of the necessary topics outlined on the CCIE™ lab exam blueprint(s). All e-Scenarios are written utilizing the same format providing our customers with a standard look and feel within each electronic document. This standard format consists of a technical tasks section (complex tasks), technical tips (a portion of the command), instructor’s comments, technical verification (relevant “show” commands) and configuration verification (correct configuration). Finally, each e-Scenario has been converted to a secure Adobe™ document. We utilize an encryption program allowing you to download, open and print each e-Scenario upon being authorized by our secure authorization server. This enables our customers to either view a crisp, clear, colored Adobe™ document displayed electronically or print to the printer of your choice. Either option provides you with the benefits of “instant” e-Scenarios without having to wait for your product to arrive by mail.

All scenarios are supported by IPexpert’s team of CCIE’s and CCSI’s who will respond to any question you have regarding our scenarios (online technical support located at As a gold member you are also entitled to specific discounts on some of IPexpert’s technical training workbooks and courses.

iPexpert CCIE Workbooks

Are you in the process of preparing for your CCIE lab? If so, you’re probably wondering how IPexpert’s workbook differentiates from some of the products that are already on the market. You need something that’s technically proven and supported by the engineers who have developed this valuable resource! You may be looking for a technical resource that fits this type of description:

  • A workbook that’s well written and up-to-date covering the lab topics you’ll encounter TODAY.
  • A workbook designed by CCIE’s who were once in your shoes and know what YOU’RE looking for.
  • A workbook that provides you with a structured and proven approach to studying for the CCIE lab exam.
  • A workbook that allows you to test your strengths in individual topics or on complex, multiprotocol scenarios.
  • The workbook with the most complex lab scenarios in the industry.
  • The workbook with the best documentation, diagrams and overall presentation.
  • Something that provides technical tips and must-knows about specific topics.
  • A workbook that provides you with insightful URL’s and additional reference material.
  • A workbook that’s supported 24x7 by the CCIE’s who have developed and used this product to pass their CCIE lab!
  • A workbook that was reviewed by several distinguished authors, speakers and engineers in the industry!
  • A workbook that’s updated and enhanced on a regular basis!

If this description is in line with what you’re looking for, look no further! Prior to developing this exciting new workbook, the CCIE-certified developers at IPexpert™ decided that our goal was to develop the world's BEST CCIE™ (R/S) preparation resource – and that's what we've accomplished! Now shipping is the industries most thorough, complex and up-to-date CCIE R/S Lab Preparation workbook on the market! "IPexpert's Ultimate Preparation Workbook for the Cisco® CCIE™ Routing and Switching Laboratory Exam Volume 9.0"

Note: This workbook has been specifically designed for engineers with classroom, textbook & hands-on experience. This workbook is NOT a preparation method for the CCIE™ R/S qualification (written) exam. It is specifically designed for CCIE™ LAB preparation purposes only. This workbook was designed to cover the technologies that Cisco® Systems recommends be mastered by the CCIE™ candidate. Due to the technical complexity of this product all of the developers associated with this product have already passed the CCIE™ Lab examination. *Warning - These scenarios are some of the most complex scenarios available! They're not for the faint-hearted!

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