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CCIE4u offers discounted cisco certification workbooks, remote lab access, network consulting for small to large businesses and equipment for sale. In addition we have all the tools you need to pass the CCIE Routing & Switching and Security Labs as well as the CCNA, CCNP, CCDA and other Cisco certifications. Access our remote rack rental lab for your CCIE certification needs. We offer three racks of Cisco lab equipment - over $75,000 worth of cisco routers and switches are installed in our racks with the latest 12.4T or newer Cisco IOS Advanced Enterprise IOS installed. We support MPLS and IPv6 as well as all the standard protocols such as BGP, EIGRP, RIP, OSPF and much more..

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We support the very latest lab study materials from Cisco 360 Learning Program, IPexpert R/S Workbook, Internetwork Expert IEWB and Netmaster DOit as well as support their previous versions. Also we have partial support for IPexpert Security workbooks and IEWB Security. Check out our CCIE lab scenarios! We also support other lab preparation materials such as Cisco 360, BSCI, CCNA and CCNP labs and more. We support for MPLS, IPv6, ISIS, IPSEC, BGP... Bulk rates available for multiple timeslot purchases! We have 4 switches per rack on all racks! Note: We have base configs reflecting any port differences to make your rack time more efficient. Consider this when comparing other rack vendors.
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CCIE4u has partnered with the top cisco certification preparation companies to obtain great discounts on their products. We pass those savings on to you when you purchase their products through our website. To view the various vendors we are partnered with and to obtain the discounts on their products click below.
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We have over 15 years of hands on networking experience with small to large companies. Our services include design, installation, configuration, security auditing and troubleshooting of network and end user equipment. This includes routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, proxy servers, workstations, servers and more. Our engineers have various certifications such as CISSP, CFSO, CFSA, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, A+ to name a few. We have up to top secret clearances for performing classified work for both commercial and government entities. Contact us via email for more details.
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If you are looking for new or used equipment then view our current inventory of products for sale. Most of our equipment is used but we do carry new items as well such as serial cables and memory for routers. We have many lower end routers that are perfect for home lab use to familiarize yourself with the core confguration tasks involved with configuring routers using the cisco IOS.
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If you are pursuing a Cisco certification or taking Cisco CCIE training to improve your work skill sets - you will benefit from hands on practical lab experience. Our CCIE labs contain fourteen (14) high end Routers/Switches, dual Cisco Catalyst 3560-24 switches and dual 3550-24 EMI switches, thirty six High Speed Serial ports and Frame Relay ports, Voice ports - FXS and FXO, dozens of Ethernet 10MB & 100MB ports and a flexible logical topology for any practice lab scenario you can dream up. Rack 1 contains additional hardware such as a Lightstream 1010 ATM switch and ATM ports, ISDN simulator, Cisco PIX firewall with 4 interfaces, an ASA 5505 and a VPN 3005 Concentrator for the CCIE Security lab. We use only Cisco routers and cisco switches for our router labs and for your CCIE certification needs. We also offer remote web access to the devices for GUI based access along with a tftp server, CA Certificate Server and ACS Tacacs+ server.

If you are going to take, or have taken, Cisco certification practical lab exams you know that hands on experience is a must for passing the grueling CCIE lab exam as well as the CCNP and CCNA cisco labs and cisco exams. You will need many hours of rack rental time to be truly prepared and we have very competitive rates and flexible lab rental timeslots to assist you in your certifications.

Why use us - we offer high speed internet access to our racks which are protected by UPS systems during power outages. Our routers are running the latest IOS you need for your lab certification needs. Our power reboot devices allow you to back out of misconfigurations that would otherwise lock you out. Our 4 hour timeslots allow you the flexibility of spreading your lab time out over several days or you can combine timeslots into consecutive blocks of time. Our low prices along with discounts for bulk purchases and discounts on workbooks and ccie bootcamps gives you the best value for your time and money period.

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